Stepping Out of My Style Comfort Zone

Earlier this week, when I had the school day off, I went to a movie with friends. I woke up that morning and asked myself the age old question. What am I going to wear? After searching my closet and dresser, I settled on some pink and brown paisley skinny jeans and a hot pink top with leather flip flops. It certainly did not feel like a major style moment for me, but I figured it would be fine for the movies. When I walked out of my room, my 18-year-old sister said that my outfit simply would not work. She had me put on white shorts, my pair of white Converse, and her mint tank top with a tribal design and gaping arm holes. I was hesitant, but surprised when I arrived at the movie theater and saw my friends wearing extremely similar outfits. To my surprise, I actually looked…really cute. That’s when I really started rethinking things. Maybe my style is more than preppy. More importantly, maybe I need multiple wardrobes to match my multiple personalities. What I needed was casual clothing for when I’m just hanging out with friends. I am in high school now, after all.

Later that day, my sister informed my mom that I needed play clothes. My mom and I completely agreed with her. After school on Friday, the three of us visited our local PacSun. I became super excited as I browsed the store and picked out anything that I fancied. This was finally my chance to reinvent myself! After about two hours, I left with a casual dress, a long sleeve top, a short sleeve graphic tee, a floral print skirt, some ripped shorts, and three pairs of jeans that actually fit my legs!

Dress and skirt, Brandy Melville. Shorts, Bullhead Denim Co.
All jeans, Bullhead Denim Co. Long sleeve top, Billabong. Short sleeve top, Brandy Melville.

When I got home, I realized that my two wardrobes would need to be clearly separated. I simply moved all my preppy clothes to the top rack and my new clothes to the bottom. I think this could be the first step in a new stylish direction!


Top, Brandy Melville. Shorts, Bullhead Denim Co. Shoes, Converse.

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