When did you first become interested in fashion?

Molly: I first got interested in fashion when you got me the turquoise and brown skirt and top with the striped leggings. I was probably around six at the time.

Lisa: That was from a London based designer called Jigsaw… their children’s line was discontinued a few years ago and I was so  sad.                              

What inspires your style?

Lisa: I think my biggest style influences right now are Sienna Miller, Diane Kruger, Rose Byrne, Rachel Bilson, Lana Del Rey and Olivia Palermo. I get really inspired when I travel to Europe every year so that is definitely a big influence.

Molly: My biggest style inspirations are you and an English schoolgirl. You always look appropriate and put together. I wear lots of ruffles and plaid.

Molly at The Chateau.

Lisa: I love plaid! I think I must have definitely gotten you into that!

Molly: My style has gotten much preppier over the years. When I was younger, all I cared about was matching and looking put together. Now, I think more about the statement my outfit makes.

Lisa: All of the salespeople compliment your outfits when we go shopping together. A friend just said you looked like you were going to tea at The Ritz in London. My style used to be a lot preppier too! Gossip Girl changed my life. I couldn’t believe people dressed like that… it made me want to cry! Some of my friends had to remind me that Blair Waldorf is a fictional character.


Molly: When you first showed me pictures of Blair Waldorf, I was amazed at how detailed her outfits were. Somehow, every piece seemed to work together! It inspired me to take more risks instead of just trying to match.

Lisa: Now my style is getting more glamorous and sophisticated than it used to be for evening looks… A few years ago everything in my closet had ruffles and puffy sleeves… and now at times it’s also a little rocker chic during the day for auditions… distressed jeans and a leather jacket with ankle boots. I change about four times a day between auditions, yoga, ballet or the gym and then coming home to Manhattan Beach. My car looks like a very stylish homeless person lives in it!

 What is the best fashion advice you ever received?

Molly: The best fashion advice I received was from you. You taught me that there is nothing wrong with mixing patterns.

Lisa: And I got you a three year subscription to Teen Vogue the second you turned thirteen! I think the best style advice I ever heard was to look in the mirror before you leave the house and take one accessory off. I think that’s great advice.

What is your favorite piece of your wardrobe?

Lisa: At present I am obsessed with a faux fur coat I got last Christmas from Alice and Olivia. What about you?

Molly: My favorite piece of my wardrobe would have to be my red, Brooks Brothers ballet flats. Their versatility makes it easy to wear them with almost anything!

Lisa: Also, you told me you couldn’t pick a favorite dress because they are like children… I’d have to agree with that!

If you could have any job in the fashion industry, what would it be?

Lisa: That is a tough question… maybe a fashion editor at Vogue or InStyle. I love the show Remodeled and I was joking that I would love to run “The Network”. I definitely can be that brutal when I am producing something… the whole “I don’t have time for whining or excuses, let’s just get it done attitude”. I love that!

Molly: That’s how I feel. I would want to be in charge of a magazine or brand and make the decisions.

What was your biggest fashion mistake?

Lisa: There is a photo of me from my first trip to London and I was freezing so I am wearing a black wool coat, with a black Ralph Lauren cable knit scarf, glove and hat set. With my pale skin and dark hair I look like a Russian mail order bride. So not good.

Molly: When I was three or four, I had my “party outfit.” It was a pastel tie dye top, bright pants, and a shiny rainbow belt. I thought I had it all going on then. Now I ask myself what I was thinking!

Lisa: OMG!!! I didn’t meet you until you were five… I hope you have a picture of that!!!

If you could go to any fashion show, which one would it be?

Lisa: Definitely Alice and Olivia. There are so many that I think would be incredible to attend… also Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Molly: I think it would be cool to go to the Ralph Lauren Girls Runway Show.

 xoxo, Lisa and Molly

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