Lisa: On years that I take a stay-cation I always make a trip to Papyrus. I send out between 75 and a hundred Xmas cards so I really like to take advantage of the 50% off deals and Papyrus always sells the most beautiful cards. I also got my 2013 planner for 50% off.

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Lisa: After Xmas is a great time to stock up on staples. I tend to focus way too much on dresses, shoes and accessories, so a lot of times I will find myself running low on basics like tee shirts and pj’s.

I purchased three tees from American Eagle Outfitters for less than twenty dollars which included shipping.

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Lisa: I also managed to find some light wash skinny jeans at the Juicy Couture store for a third of the price and thermal tops, pajama sets and underwear from Victoria Secret and Gilly Hicks all on after holiday clearance sales.

Molly: I got most of the stuff I wanted for Xmas so I have not been paying much attention to the sales. Hopefully, since my birthday is in January, my family members are taking advantage of them!

Lisa: I already got you a really good present! And a card from Papyrus!

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