Lunchtime Poll

Greetings and Salutations, Pretty Little Shoppers!  Next week I am flying out to New York to attend the opening of Heathers, The Musical off-Broadway.  If you haven’t yet seen Dan Water’s subversive, indie-cult classic, the three words that come to mind are, “What’s your damage?”

I will be doing a couple of interviews for this blog, so let me know if you have any questions for the cast and crew.





I am wearing a J.Crew blazer and shirt, Jigsaw London Girls skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs Oxfords, Hue Stockings and Gucci sunglasses.

Photos by Yoshua Shelton.  Heathers Artwork c/o Heathers, The Musical.







2 Responses to Lunchtime Poll

  1. Oakes, Monica says:

    Hey, you have the same Hello Kitty lunchbox as Molly! I’d accuse you of stealing borrowing it, but I just saw it in the cupboard this morning.

    Cute outfit! Have fun in New York.


  2. hadrien says:

    Super cool outfit
    and nice pics too