The Michael Jackson Stalkers

Forever 21 Denim Dress

Forever 21 Denim Dress

Amina Touray

Forever 21 Denim Dress

Forever 21 Denim Dress

Amina Touray

Happy Thursday! When Amina told me how much she LOVED Michael Jackson, I casually mentioned that I grew up near where he and his family lived in Encino for many years. Amina got very excited and wanted to go there so we made plans to visit soon. After months of talking about the trip to Encino, which isn’t far in miles from either of our homes (yet takes forever in traffic to get to a place we’d otherwise never go), we finally made it there a couple of weeks ago.

Now full disclosure, despite growing up so near to the Jackson clan I have never actually seen Michael Jackson. The closest I got to him was a few years before he died when I had an appointment in Beverly Hills and one of the parking valets explained that all the paparrazi was swarming about because Michael Jackson was in the dermatologist’s office next door. I did however get to hang out with LaToya Jackson once. By hang out, I mean that we were both in the LAX club lounge awaiting our flight to Heathrow. And we were both wearing the same outfit (I kid you not)… a two piece Juicy Couture tracksuit. Yes… this was quite a few years ago, as I’m sure you can tell by my outfit choice and I was wearing mine with sneakers while LaToya had on 6 inch heels. And no, we weren’t wearing the same color… that would have been so weird.

Anyway, after months of being so excited to visit the MJ estate, Amina got very nervous when we arrived because there are security cameras everywhere. Also, I was surprised to see the gate opening and closing a few times during the ten or fifteen minutes we were there. I think it was just workers and such, but it was fun to get a quick glimpse inside the grounds. I convinced Amina to pose for a few photos and we both ended up having an adventure we will never forget.

In honor of Michael Jackson I decided to wear this ruffled denim dress I got at my friend Ale’s clothing exchange. I have no idea what year it was made, but it reminded me of something someone might wear back in the late 80’s or early 90’s and it ended up being so perfect for the warm San Fernando Valley weather! And of course I had to borrow Amina’s cool hat for a photo or two .

Forever 21 dress (similar here and here). Tommy Hilfiger sandals, bag (similar here and here) and sunglasses. 23rd Street Jewelers earrings. Juicy Couture bangles.

Photos by Amina Touray.

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