Swinging In Seersucker

Storets Embroidered Dress

When a blogger is on a photo shoot and sees a swing in the middle of the sidewalk, what does she do? Well, she get’s on it to take a photo, naturally!
Storets Embroidered Dress
I’m having a love affair with Seersucker this Summer, as you can see from my previous post here. It’s just such a comfy fabric for the warm weather by the beach.
 Storets Embroidered Dress
 Storets Embroidered Dress
Storets Embroidered Dress
This whimsical and feminine off-the-shoulder dress is from Storets, which has definitely become one of my favorite online retailers! I always know I will find something beautiful and unique. This dress is no exception with it’s embroidered bell sleeve detail and fringed hem. Storets Embroidered Dress
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 Storets Embroidered Dress
Happy Monday! I hope you had a relaxing weekend! We spent a rare weekend hanging out in our town and didn’t venture out of the South Bay even once. I did lot’s of cooking, including a delicious meal that we also shot for the blog. Can’t wait to share it with you next week! On Sunday my friend Mia came over to visit us with her sister (and her boyfriend), who are both visiting from Spain. It is so nice to finally meet someone you have heard so much about and to find out more about their life in a country far away from your own.

dress/ sandals (on Sale!)/ bag

Photos by Mo Summers.

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