Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables

Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables

Happy Friday! The holidays are near and it’s time to start planning meals for family and friends. This Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables Recipe is sure to delight even the most picky eater. It’s nutrient dense ingredients will satisfy the heart and soul.
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Light the fireplace, or some candles, open a bottle of your favorite wine and prepare for a cozy and rustic evening of Winter deliciousness. With Mo acting as my sous chef (in between taking these gorgeous photos), we created and ate this delicious meal of Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables and a delightful Cranberry, Apple and Pear Crisp for desert. Check back in a few days for that recipe. The entire meal is gluten-free and delicious!
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
To make the Roasted Chicken:

A whole organic chicken
3 to 4 Tablespoons of ghee or butter
One onion (We used a Cippolinni onion which is in season this time of year and has a sweet flavor)
Two heads of garlic
A bunch of Rosemary and Thyme
One to two cups chicken stock (homemade is best, I make a large batch every month or two and keep it on hand stored in glass containers in the freezer)
One cup of dry white wine
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
One Tablespoon gelatin (optional)

***Use organic ingredients where possible
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Rinse the chicken and place it on a rack in a roasting pan, underside up. Stuff the chicken with the sprigs of Rosemary and Thyme. Slice the Onion and strew it on the bottom of the roasting pan (underneath the chicken). Cut and peel the two heads of garlic and strew the cloves alongside the onion.
  Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables

Melt 2 Tablespoons of the ghee or butter and use a pastry brush to coat the chicken (the underside only, you will be flipping it around later). Sprinkle the chicken generously with sea salt and freshly ground pepper and place in the preheated oven. Set your kitchen timer for one hour and place the chicken in the oven. After one hour, carefully remove the chicken from the oven and turn it around on the rack by inserting a wooden spoon into the cavity. Lift chicken and rotate so the top side is up. Kitchen tongs will also help. 🙂 Brush with the rest of the melted ghee or butter and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. Cook for an additional hour, or until the skin is golden and crispy.
Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
While the chicken is cooking its time to start on the Roasted Root Vegetables.

You will need:

Red and Golden Beets
A few sprigs of Rosemary and Thyme
One head of garlic
Olive Oil
Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

***Use Organic ingredients where possible.
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Wash, peel and chop the rutabaga, parsnips, shallots and beets. Wash and cut the carrots… no need to peel these guys. Chop the rosemary and thyme and sprinkle it over the veggie mix. Place the root vegetable mix in a Dutch Oven and generously add olive oil, sea salt and pepper and give the veggies a stir. Cover the veggie mix and place in the oven.
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Bake the root vegetables for 30 minutes. Remove carefully from oven, add the whole garlic cloves and stir. Replace the veggies in the oven for another 20 to 45 minutes, depending on desired tenderness.
Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
When the chicken is through cooking, remove it from the oven and place on a carving board. Let the chicken cool for a few minutes while you are preparing the sauce.
Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
To make the sauce:

Set the roasting pan on your stove top. Turn heat to medium and add the wine and chicken broth, starting with just one cup of broth and adding more as desired. Using a wooden spoon or nonstick spatula, scrape the drippings from the bottom of the pan to mix them into the sauce. Add sea salt, pepper and gelatin and bring to a boil until sauce begins to reduce. Simmer on low heat until you are ready to serve. This sauce is one of my absolute favorites and the broth and gelatin will give your skin an extra collagen boost!
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Garnish your plates and platters with sprigs of rosemary and thyme.
 Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Roasted Chicken Recipe adapted from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Roasted Root Vegetable recipe adapted from

Photos by Mo Summers.

Please let me know what you think of the recipe! And please share your favorite holiday recipes in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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  1. Jessi Malay says:

    Yessss girl! This festive dish sounds and looks like such an amazing recipe… especially for the coming holiday season! I’ll definitely have to try cooking it at home sometime over this winter 🙂

    XO Jessi,

    • says:

      It’s really a great dish for company! And you can actually make dessert,salad or other side dishes while the chicken is in the oven. 🙂