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Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I actually had a really relaxing weekend for a change, as I didn’t plan anything that required leaving Manhattan Beach.  It is always nice to spend a weekend at home… we went to dinner near the house and then made breakfast the next morning and went for a walk along the beach and came home to watch the Oscars.  Definitely the kind of weekend I’d like to have more often!

Okay, so let’s talk about this look…  As we’ve already established, I am absolutely obsessed with tartan (seriously, are there any 12 step groups for this?) so when I saw this dress online at DressLily I knew I had to order it.  It took quite awhile to arrive, but I must say I am impressed with the quality.  I order a size up on this site, so I am wearing a small instead of my normal x-small.  The fabric of this dress is very thick and coat like, so I finally got to wear it on a day we were having a bit of cool weather and also a little bit of rain as you can see by the photos.  I stood under an awning to take these photos, while Amina stood under the only umbrella we had brought with us.  Luckily her Mom was in town visiting, so she held the umbrella while Amina took the photos (Thank you Christina!).  It was quite a comical adventure with the three of us trying to stay dry, and of course the rain stopped as soon as we finished taking the photos!

Also, I should mention this enormous bow I am wearing… I purchased it on my trip to Spain several years ago and never could find anything to wear it with.  While I think for girls in their teens, a bow might work for just about any occasion, I think the older one gets it becomes a little more difficult to fit one in.  Nevertheless, I thought this one matched quite well with this girly dress… what do you think?  Have you ever tried this style?

DressLily dress.  Zara pumps (similar here).  Anne Klein stockings (similar here).  Chanel bag.  Bow headband purchased in Madrid, Spain (similar here, here and here)

Photos by Amina Touray.

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3 Responses to Adventures In Tartan

  1. Anita Sookan says:

    Hey I just found your blog and I adore your sweet style!! I just followed you on bloglovin and would be happy if you check out my blog and follow me back <3

    xo Anita

  2. Mark says:

    ok, as i peruse your entries, this outfit by far has to be my favorite i have seen you wear! WOW! you look dang amazing! i am a HUGE fan of tartans and yours is both fun and sexy. and i love how you paired it with that cute bow and the color matched purse, shoes and those rocking tights/stockings! this truly is a fun and flirty outfit and you look both happy and beautiful as you pose for the masses! well done! i give this one two thumbs up!